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When caring for elderly residents, it is important to recognise that all individuals have different needs and requirements. At Wentworth House Care Services, in Swinton, Manchester, we recognise that each patient is unique. Thanks to our inclusive care services, you can rest assured your relative is secure and at peace in our home. As specialists in dementia and elderly care, we treat our patients with respect and kindness.

Care Services to Suit Each Individual

As we support the individual needs of each client, our elderly care services are tailored individually. Some of our residents have only modest care requirements, and simply enjoy living within a secure, supportive
environment. However, many of our residents require 24-hour personal assistance, and we are always available to meet their needs. Our professionals are very understanding, and deliver their elderly care services with trust and

Encouraging Residents to be Active

At Wentworth House we believe in striking a balance between providing support when it’s needed, and helping residents to maintain their independence. That’s why we encourage each resident to lead a full and active lifestyle where possible. There’s always something enjoyable to do, as we have a wide variety of activities on offer, from board games to bingo and even live
cabaret. For dementia care clients, we provide a low-stimulus environment to ensure they remain comfortable.

Catering to the Needs of Our Residents

Our residents are comfortable at all times, as our hard-working professionals cater to all aspects of their day-to-day needs. Thanks to our effcient, in-house laundry service, residents enjoy high levels of hygiene with freshly laundered, clean-scented bedding and clothing. In addition, we conduct regular reports to control the quality of our services. We are also supported by our on-class maintenance team, who make certain our elderly care services run smoothly while the grounds at our home are kept tidy.

Treating Dementia Care Residents with Respect at Our Cosy Home

Caring for a loved one, relative, or friend who has dementia is a stressful, distressing time. The perseverance of individuals who go to great lengths to care for
their friend or relative is exceptional. However, it sometimes becomes too testing to
maintain the extent of care required. (Read More)

Trusted Specialists in Dementia Care

As dementia care specialists, we understand the anxieties of those living with
dementia every day, and the pressures it can put on family and friends. In
everything we do. (Read More)

Senior Care in a Comforting Environment

Wentworth House is an inclusive care home, and so we actively seek to involve family, friends, and relatives in the sociable activities we offer. Our care home
is designed to offer a home-from-home environment, allowing our residents (Read More)

Drawing Up a Personalised Care Plan

To ensure our care services are tailored, we draw up a personalised care plan for each dementia client. This will contain specific acknowledgments of the resident’s mental health needs. first and formemost, we asses how the resident’s  (Read More)

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